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Members of NPHC Executive Board on McKeldin Mall


The Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life, in conjunction with members of the four governing councils, provides educational and leadership programming on a variety of topic areas throughout the semester. We believe in the transformative nature of fraternities and sororities, and providing members with opportunities to learn, dialogue, and facilitate personal development is a primary goal of our staff and student leaders.

Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Summit

The Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Summit (FSLS) is a time at the beginning of each semester to reset and prepare for the year ahead. Chapter presidents, council officers for our four governing councils, chapter expectations chairs, and diversity and inclusion chairs are invited to attend for each chapter. FSLS typically takes place the Friday before classes begin in August and January.

Ten Terp Plan for Sexual Assault Prevention

The Ten Terp Plan on Sexual Assault Prevention (SAP) is a primary prevention program seeking to create positive cultural change within chapters and across the broader Sorority and Fraternity community. Created in 2004 to address the high number of incidents of sexual assault affiliated with the University of Maryland’s Sorority and Fraternity community, the Ten Terp Plan on SAP offers sorority and fraternity members an opportunity to examine how they can intervene to prevent sexual assault and other interpersonal violence, as well as how to support individuals who may be victims. This program enables students to critically think about implicit and explicit social norms that perpetuate rape culture in society at large and at the University of Maryland specifically.

This program pairs fraternity and sorority members with volunteer facilitators from the UMD community who meet to discuss how issues of interpersonal violence may be happening within, facilitated by, or affecting their sister- and brotherhood. Learn more about the Ten Terp Plan for Sexual Assault Prevention below.

Ten Terp Plan for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Ten Terp Plan on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is an intergroup dialogue program aimed at engaging fraternity and sorority members in conversations about power, privilege, and oppression. The Plan offers sorority and fraternity members the opportunity to examine the historical foundations of fraternities and sororities, present-day manifestations of oppression and power within the higher education and fraternity and sorority life contexts, and engages students to explore ways in which they can dismantle existing systems of oppression within their community. The Spring 2022 Ten Terp Plan on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion focuses on manifestations of whiteness and racism within fraternities and sororities and on building a racially-just community.


Syndesis is an overnight retreat open to all fraternity and sorority members that focuses on social justice, inclusion, and equity. Syndesis is open to any member of a fraternity or sorority on campus, and the application will go live in September or October for the retreat in November.

Greek Alliance

Greek Alliance is a student organization supported by DFSL focused on the LGBTQ+  community and allyship. Greek Alliance is open to any member of a fraternity or sorority. If you are interested in learning more about getting involved with Greek Alliance, please contact the Graduate Coordinator for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Emily Cheng at


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