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UMD Campus from above

Meet the Staff

Leadership Team

Portrait of Matthew L. Supple, Ph.D. (he/him)

Matthew L. Supple, Ph.D. (he/him)

Portrait of Stephanie Patterson (she/her)

Stephanie Patterson (she/her)

Assistant Director, Housing
Portrait of Tomiko Thomas (she/her)

Tomiko Thomas (she/her)

Assistant Director, Business Services
Portrait of Tyler S. Huddleston (he/him)

Tyler S. Huddleston (he/him)

Assistant Director, Advising and Programming

Advising and Programming Team

Portrait of Hammed Sirleaf, Jr. (he/him)

Hammed Sirleaf, Jr. (he/him)

Coordinator for Advising and Programming, NPHC & PHA
Portrait of Jordan Borchert (he/him)

Jordan Borchert (he/him)

Coordinator for Advising and Programming, IFC & MGC
Portrait of Bailey Loughlin (she/her)

Bailey Loughlin (she/her)

Coordinator for Equity and Justice
Portrait of Emily Cheng (she/they)

Emily Cheng (she/they)

Graduate Coordinator, Diversity & Inclusion Programming
Portrait of Swati Sah (she/her)

Swati Sah (she/her)

Graduate Coordinator, Sexual Assault Prevention

Housing and Facilities Team

Portrait of Heidi Biffl (she/her)

Heidi Biffl (she/her)

Senior Coordinator of Fraternity and Sorority Facilities
Portrait of Brandon L. L. Harris (he/him)

Brandon L. L. Harris (he/him)

Senior Coordinator for Residential Experience
Portrait of VACANT


Coordinator for Residential Experience
Portrait of Victor Agbar

Victor Agbar

Resident Director, Sigma Chi
Portrait of Molly Bernhard (she/her)

Molly Bernhard (she/her)

Resident Director, Alpha Phi
Portrait of Jazmine Diggs (she/her)

Jazmine Diggs (she/her)

Resident Director, Zeta Tau Alpha
Portrait of Favour Dimelu (she/her)

Favour Dimelu (she/her)

Resident Director, Gamma Phi Beta
Portrait of Raymond Flannery (he/him)

Raymond Flannery (he/him)

Resident Director, Phi Sigma Sigma
Portrait of Aaron Hooker (he/him)

Aaron Hooker (he/him)

Resident Director, Alpha Sigma Phi
Portrait of Luke T. Kues (he/him)

Luke T. Kues (he/him)

Resident Director, Kappa Alpha Order
Portrait of Johnny Irias-Puerto (he/him)

Johnny Irias-Puerto (he/him)

Resident Director, Delta Phi Epsilon
Portrait of Joelle (Joe) Latorre (she/her)

Joelle (Joe) Latorre (she/her)

Resident Director, Zeta Psi
Portrait of Damilola Lawal (she/her)

Damilola Lawal (she/her)

Resident Director, Sigma Chi
Portrait of Ebenezer Kobina Mensah (he/him)

Ebenezer Kobina Mensah (he/him)

Resident Director, Zeta Beta Tau
Portrait of Jailyn Morris (she/her)

Jailyn Morris (she/her)

Resident Director, Phi Sigma Kappa
Portrait of Somtochukwu Obiegbu (he/him)

Somtochukwu Obiegbu (he/him)

Resident Director, Beta Theta Pi
Portrait of Angie Peterson (they/any)

Angie Peterson (they/any)

Resident Director, Phi Kappa Tau
Portrait of Megan Ravert (she/her)

Megan Ravert (she/her)

Resident Director, Delta Gamma
Portrait of Madison Thurston (she/her)

Madison Thurston (she/her)

Resident Director, Sigma Kappa
Portrait of Jalah Townsend (she/her)

Jalah Townsend (she/her)

Resident Director, Alpha Delta Pi
Portrait of Aliya Tucker (she/her)

Aliya Tucker (she/her)

Resident Director, Alpha Epsilon Phi
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